Tax Liens

A tax lien will be place on any property with an outstanding balance.  The lien process will begin approximately 30 days after the last bills of the year are due.  A Notice of Delinquency will be sent to owners with outstanding balances, usually the end of January.  If the balance remains unpaid, a Notice of Impending Tax Lien will be sent to the owner of record within 30 days of the lien date (at this time additional fees are added to the account). 

If the balance is not paid by the date specified on the notice, a Lien will be placed on the property and recorded at the Grafton County Registry of Deeds and your Mortgage company will be notified.  Once the lien it places, the interest rate will increase to 14%.  Please note, a tax lien may be reported on your credit report.  Once the outstanding lien is paid in full, the Tax Collector will send a Notice of Redemption to the Registry of Deeds to show payment in full.