Property Taxes

All real estate taxes are assessed on April 1st of each year. The Town of Woodstock’s tax year is April 1st through March 31st. Our first billing of each year (issued in June) is calculated at 50% of the previous year tax rate and covers the time period of April 1 - September 30. The tax rate is set, by the State of NH DRA prior to the second billing of each year (issued in November) and covers October 1 – March 31.

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to know that taxes are due twice a year. If the homeowner does not receive a bill, please contact the Tax Collector’s Office. 

If you do not receive your tax bill by late May or late October, due to an address change or sale of property, please contact the Tax Collector.  The Town of Woodstock is not responsible if you do not receive your bills for theses reasons.

2018 Property Tax Rate
(Tax year = April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019)

Town = $9.81
Local School = $7.62
State Education = $2.32
County = $1.98