Rules of Order for Regular Selectmen's Meeting

All Selectmen Meetings are open by law to the public for observation.  In general, the public has no right to speak at an ordinary Selectmen’s Meeting unless there is a specific “Public Participation” on the agenda (see RSA 91-A:2).

Please be respectful to the following Rules of Order:

  • The Selectmen have the option to limit public participation to only the formal “Public Participation” item designated on the Agenda.
  • When you wish to speak, address only the Chairperson and wait for the Chairperson to acknowledge you.  Do not address any other individual in attendance.
  • All comments and questions must be addressed to the Chairperson
  • The Board will not entertain public comments about specific individuals unless the Chairperson deems it appropriate.
  • The Chairperson has the right to set a time limit for comments.  Be concise.
  • Comments must be courteous.  Personal remarks or accusatory comments are always out of order.  Profanity, disorderly language or gestures at meetings are prohibited.

Adopted - October 1, 2019