Emergency Management

The primary function of Woodstock Emergency Management is best described in two parts;

First, the creation of plans through which the community can reduce vulnerability to hazards and cope with disasters.

Second, to train and implement plans during a disaster by utilizing existing personnel and equipment to assist the public and continue governmental services. During large scale disasters the Town of Woodstock will depend upon outside assistance from the private sector, the state and County and FEMA.

We also encourage our Woodstock residents to complete a challenge:

  1. Sign-up for Emergency Alerts and download the NH Alerts App.
  2. Complete a Family Emergency Plan.
  3. Complete Emergency Contact Cards pdf file for each person in your household.
  4. Print an Emergency Kit Checklist and begin purchasing items on the list for your emergency kit.

Completing this readiness challenge will at the very least get our local residents thinking about being ready for a disaster. We continue to work with the state and our local region to improve emergency response and add emergency equipment and capabilities in the event of a disaster.

There are several links to the left if you want more information concerning emergency preparedness.  Feel free to contact the Town of Woodstock at 745-8752 or 745-8700 if you would like to become involved in the community. 

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Ryan Oleson Emergency Management Director (603) 745-8700

Board Members

Kevin Millar