About the Building Inspector Department

Although the Town of Woodstock does not have zoning we do have a building permit process that regulates the Town’s Setback and Building Height Ordinance. A building permit is required for all new structures, demolitions, changes to the footprint of existing structures, or if there is a change of use in a structure. 

All demolitions require a pre-demolition asbestos survey.

The International Energy Conservation Code of 2006 is a statewide energy code with which anyone building, renovating, or adding to a home or commercial structure must comply in all towns and cities. Please complete the New Hampshire Residential Energy Code Application from their website and submit your building permit with a copy of the confirmation you receive from New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission.

Please contact the Town of Woodstock’s Administration Office to determine whether or not additional water, sewer, or backflow charges may apply.

It is the property owner’s responsibility to comply with all State of New Hampshire rules and regulations.